Scott's Fancy New Web Site

I suspected that the content management system I was using for my blog was hacked, though I kept everything updated at least weekly, so I re-initialized the server.

Malicious activity like that really angers me because it serves no useful purpose, causes everything to cost more, generates a lot of tedious extra work for people in my profession, and generally takes a lot of the fun out of what little benefit comes from the web.

Since there is no way for me to be sure I could clean all the files and the database of the CMS once it was compromised, I essentially have to start over. I'd kind of been thinking about that anyway: thinking I might just do it old-school: via static HTML pages.

And so, get ready. Scott's static web site is on the way. It begins here with this minimalistically designed home page that is fully responsive on any device. It even works with text only browsers and is very screen-reader friendly.